Tips for using the SEND button: 

  • After single-clicking the bottom of any application, PLEASE BE PATIENT. It could take up to 15 seconds to display a confirmation message. A similar message as the one below will display directly below the form, if properly submitted. The fields within the form will be ‘blank’ at this point, as the data has been forwarded to us. This is normal.

  • If the application is not sending, the likely cause is that some required* information has not been entered within the application somewhere and needs corrected. Please scroll up to find fields that need corrected, correct them, then scroll back down to the SEND button and try clicking again.

  • Ad Blockers on browsers can cause issues with the CAPTCHA feature on the application; please PAUSE them on enrollment forms before attempting to submit. Also, try a different browser if having issues. Applications work best from computers/laptops. Known issues exist with MacBook Pro & Safari (try using something different)

RESEND Considerations:

  • NO CONFIRMATION MESSAGE: Only SEND application again, if you did not see a confirmation message display below the SEND button.  IF you decide to send another application, PLEASE COMMENT in the ‘Additional Notes to Office Manager’ the reason you are sending another application in. (Likely the first application did go through and we need to know why we have received a second one.) Examples include: Did not see confirmation message; Changed my phone number; Changed CC originally provided, etc.

  • SAW CONFIRMATION: If you did see the confirmation message but still need to update some part of your previous application; consider emailing us at the office and indicate in the email the update(s) you would like made. This will save you time rather than completing a new application.

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