Licensing in SC

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Real Estate License Classification *

I.     Salesperson License (Requires 2 courses totaling 90 hours)

  1. Education – Salesperson license applicants must complete 90 hours of Commission-approved courses; first a 60-hour course in the fundamentals of real estate, and next an additional 30-hour class in Advanced Real Estate Principles or have a JD or four-year college degree in real estate.
  2. Experience – There is no experience required for a salesperson license. 
  3.    Examination – pass the exam administered by PSI which may be taken anytime after completion of the first 60-hour course.
  4.    Affiliate with a Brokerage Firm – You must affiliate with a Brokerage Firm to receive your license.
  5. Candidate Information Bulletin for Salesperson/Broker exam.

II.    Broker License (Requires 150 hours including 90-hour salesperson courses)

  1. Education – Broker license applicants must complete at least 150 hours of instruction which includes the required 90 hours of instruction for a real estate salesperson license in the basic fundamentals of real estate and advanced real estate principles plus an additional 60 hours in broker classes or have a JD or a four-year college degree in real estate.
  2. Experience – Three years of active licensed experience is required.
  3. Examination– administered by PSI
  4. Candidate Information Bulletin for Salesperson/Broker exam.

III.    Property Manager’s License (Requires a 30-hour course)

  1. Education – Property manager license applicants must complete a 30 hour course in the fundamentals of property management.
  2. Property Manager-in-charge – those who wish to acquire a PMIC license must take an additional 7-hour course and be at least 21 years old.
  3. Experience – No experience is required.
  4. Examination – administered by PSI
  5.   Affiliate with a Property Management or Brokerage Firm – You must affiliate with a firm to receive your property management license; a PMIC will open their own independent firm and thus not affiliate with another firm.
  6. Candidate Information Bulletin for Property Manager’s exam.

General Requirements

Applicant must meet these requirements:

  • Education: must be a high school graduate or hold a certificate of equivalency
  • Age: must be 18 years old to be licensed as a salesperson or property manager and 21 years old to be licensed as a broker, broker-in-charge, or property manager- in-charge.
  • A criminal background check and fingerprinting is required.  Instructions will be given to you by the Real Estate Commission.

Examinations by PSI

PSI is the examination provider for the Real Estate Commission and publishes a candidate information bulletin. This bulletin is distributed directly to our students by the Commission, once the student applies to the Commission and has completed the required course(s). Examinees must receive a passing score on both portions of the exam (national and state). Retesting may be scheduled quickly if one or both portions are failed.

South Carolina Real Estate Commission
* Disclaimer: Information provided on this page is for summary and convenience only.  Licensing information is subject to change. Consult the SC Real Estate Commission website for up to date information.

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To view the SC License Law in pdf version: