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AWARE in South Carolina, 12th edition
By Charles D. Wyatt, Jr.

Updated to include the NEW South Carolina Real Estate Practice Act. A great study guide for both SC and National Real Estate License Exams.

The book’s author is Charles D. Wyatt, Jr., founder of Wyatt Institute.

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Real Estate Qualifier Plus® IIIx
from Calculated Industries

The World’s Best Finance & Qualifying Calculator

This is the Qualifying Calculator Used by Thousands of Real Estate & Lending Professionals! Impress Your Clients with Instant Financing Answers! Impress your clients with fast, accurate answers to all their real estate finance problems with the world’s most complete and easy-to-use qualifying calculator. Have the answers to tough financing questions at your fingertips! Unlike a regular calculator, the Qualifier Plus IIIx has custom and intuitive “mortgage & qualifying keys” that allow you to solve hundreds of real estate problems quickly and accurately. No confusing keys or functions.

Complete Buyer Qualifying keys:  Payment, Loan Amount, Term, Interest, Taxes, Insurance (used for PITI payments), Sales price & down payment, Amortization, Balloon payments, Bi-weeklies, ARMS, Find APR, Built-in Date, Math function!

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