What is the difference between a salesperson license, a broker license, and a property management license? Can I get them all?

SC is one of the few states that offers a separate Property Management license. Individuals who wish to manage rental properties owned by others, must have a Property Management license OR a Real Estate Salesperson or Broker license. A Property Management license does not authorize one to sell real property–only to manage rental properties (residential and commercial properties). Those who have a Property Management license must work under a Property-Manager-in-Charge OR a Broker-in-Charge.  To obtain a Property Manager-in-Charge license, an additional 7-hour course is required.  This course is available through another provider as an online course.

To represent others in a real estate sales transaction, an individual must have a real estate Salesperson or Broker license. All real estate salespersons and brokers must work under the authority of a Broker-in-Charge. Individuals who wish to be involved in real estate sales transactions will need to complete both the Unit 1 Fundamentals of Real Estate Principles and Practices (aka Pre-License/Unit 1) and the Unit 2 Advanced Real Estate Principles (aka Unit 2) courses and pass the state-administered salesperson exam. To obtain a broker license, one must have had a salesperson license for a minimum of three years, take additional broker classes and the broker exam. To open an independent office, an individual must have a Broker-in-Charge license.

You can only have one license active at any given time.

How is your school different?

Wyatt Institute is the first Real Estate School in South Carolina. We make it our business to remain on the cutting edge of real estate legislation, regulation, and education. Our teachers have combined real estate experience of more than 100 years (25 yrs average), teaching experience of 84 years (21 yrs average), and a passion to help people learn and succeed. In addition to providing the state-mandated education requirements for licensure, we offer free practice exams to our students, free video review of the class, up to one free hour of individual tutoring, analysis of class examination results, immediate availability of a teacher by phone during business hours, and the assurance that once a class is on our calendar, we will not cancel that class (unless the government closes our doors!).  🙂

How do I enroll?

Complete an enrollment form and submit the required deposit. Enrollments can be completed online by using a credit card or debit card. If you prefer, you can stop by the office and complete a form onsite.

I’ve already attended classes at your school before. Do I have to enroll again?

Yes. A new enrollment form must be completed for each class you take at our school.

Can I enroll over the telephone?

No. We cannot accept enrollments by telephone. Please complete enrollment online or by sending a paper application to our office, by postal mail, or fax.

I have a license in another state. What do I need to do?

Contact the SC Real Estate Commission: (803) 896-4400 or visit: www.llr.sc.gov. You may only need to take the SC portion of the exam. You may not be required to take a class.  Your license must be currently active in the state where you are coming from.  If you already have lived in SC more than six months, you may be required to take the classes.

Do you have a class for the SC portion of the exam?

We do not offer classes for SC law only. You may want to purchase the textbook Aware in South Carolina to help in preparation for the state exam. Order Online or call our office to order this book. Price is $45.00 (add $10.00 for shipping; all items shipped USPS Priority Mail).  Price and postage subject to change.

When is your next broker class?

Broker classes are offered twice a year; in the spring and in the fall. Dates will be posted on the website three months in advance. See Class Schedule.

Have more questions?

Give us a call at 864-233-1514 or e-mail us at info@wyattinstitute.com.