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Qualifier Plus® IIIx

The World's Best Finance & Qualifying Calculator

This is the Qualifying Calculator Used by Thousands of Real Estate & Lending Professionals! Impress Your Clients with Instant Financing Answers!  Impress your clients with fast, accurate answers to all their real estate finance problems with the world's most complete and easy-to-use qualifying calculator. Have the answers to tough financing questions at your fingertips! Unlike a regular calculator, the Qualifier Plus IIIx has custom and intuitive "mortgage & qualifying keys" that allow you to solve hundreds of real estate problems quickly and accurately. No confusing keys or functions.

Complete Buyer Qualifying keys Payment, Loan Amount, Term, Interest Taxes and insurance, for PITI payments!  Sales price & down payment, Amortization, balloon payments Bi-weeklies ARMS Find APR  Built-in Date Math function!


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AWARE in South Carolina, 9th edition

  • Recently updated to include NEW South Carolina Real Estate Practice Act.  A great study guide for both SC and National Real Estate License Exams.
  • The author is Charles D. Wyatt, Jr., founder of Wyatt Institute.

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